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November 29, 2011 - December 14, 2011
Infantry of the World



Today we're releasing a special Limited Edition content pack—Infantry of the World! In this content pack there are seven different kinds of Soldiers you can build, from seven different countries around the world!

This pack includes:

  • Turkish Infantry
  • Navy Seal Infantry
  • French Foreign Legionnaire Infantry
  • Alpini Infantry
  • British Gurkha Infantry
  • Chinese PLA Soldier
  • German KSK Soldier

Now's a great time to show a little national pride! Train a few new soldiers for your army.


  • Note: the Navy Seal Infantry are only unlock-able by unlocking every other infantry of the world unit likewise you can gain 1 Navy Seal Infantry by purchasing just 1 of each infantry of the world units.
Item Costs Requirements
Alpini Infantry
Alpini Infantry

Coins-icon 9,000 Coins
00000000000000000250. Oil-icon 250 Oil
Ore Types 30 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 27 Empire Points
British Gurkha Infantry
British Gurkha Infantry

Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
00000000000000000300. Oil-icon 300 Oil
Ore Types 35 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 30 Empire Points
Chinese PLA Infantry
Chinese PLA Infantry

Coins-icon 8,000 Coins
00000000000000000200. Oil-icon 200 Oil
Ore Types 20 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 24 Empire Points
French Foriegn Legionnaire Infantry
French Foriegn Legionnaire Infantry

Coins-icon 19,500 Coins
00000000000000000950. Oil-icon 950 Oil
Ore Types 75 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 99 Empire Points
German KSK Infantry
German KSK Infantry

Coins-icon 19,000 Coins
00000000000000000900. Oil-icon 900 Oil
Ore Types 70 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 96 Empire Points
Navy Seal Infantry
Navy Seal Infantry

Coins-icon 23,000 Coins
00000000000000001100. Oil-icon 1,100 Oil
Ore Types 90 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 105 Empire Points


See above description

Turkish Infantry
Turkish Infantry

Coins-icon 18,000 Coins
00000000000000000800. Oil-icon 800 Oil
Ore Types 60 Ore

Contract Unlock: Empire Points-icon 90 Empire Points

Limited Time GoalsEdit

Infantry of the World also comes with 3 Limited Time Goals.

- Available from November 29, to December 14, 2011-

German KSK Helmet Infantry of the World 1 of 3
Turkish Beret Infantry of the World 2 of 3
Goal army yard Infantry of the World 3 of 3

Other EventsEdit

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