Member of the Global Alliance

We've made ourselves very clear through this detailed treaty. All Nastos has to do is sign on the dotted line. And if they don't want to, well... tough. We're not bullies, but we know how to get what we want.

Goals Rewards
Member of the Global Alliance Gather 15 members of the Global Alliance to be witnesses to the signing. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal zynga01 Pillage your neighbors 150 times to gather supplies for the celebrations. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Vintage Tank Deploy 100 tanks to prepare for rebel attacks. 1x HL Hunley Submarine HL Hunley Submarine
1x Hunker Down III Hunker Down III

Liberty Bond 5 Liberty Bonds

There, all done. Now Nastos can rebuild itself and become home to all the displaced refugees again.

Goal Line

Nasty Nastosians

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