In Pursuit of Power-Ups


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Level ReqExperience-icon Level 12
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?, 2012
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Act fast to get all 4 Power-Up bundles – Defense Shield, Lunar Strike, Shrapnel Blast III and Blazing Ammo III.

Collect 6 Motors needed to keep Seabolt’s Power Provoker running. He will make one kind of Power-Up every 6 days and share them with you in exchange for the Motors. Only one part is available each day, so make sure you come back every day to get all parts.

Buy all to Play Again for the same Power-Up, within 6 days!


  • Collect 5 of each part per day.
  • Only 1 part is available to collect per day.
Item Item Item Item Item Item
Volcano Black
5xVolcano Black
Volcano Blue
5xVolcano Blue
Volcano Brown
5xVolcano Brown
Volcano Green
5xVolcano Green
Volcano Red
5xVolcano Red
Volcano Yellow
5xVolcano Yellow


  • Select how many days you have finished collecting 5 of all the parts within.

Item Requirements
Defense Shield
5x Defense Shield
Complete goal below 6 days

Item Requirements
Lunar Strike
5x Lunar Strike
Complete goal below 12 days

Item Requirements
Shrapnel Blast III
5x Shrapnel Blast III
Complete goal below 18 days

Item Requirements
Blazing Ammo III
5x Blazing Ammo III
Complete goal below 24 days

Other EventsEdit

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