Airspace Permission Document

The arrogance of these sisters never fails to astound me. Tina Grave has been 'hiding' on this gorgeous beach, sipping a fruity little drink this whole time. I really want to get my hands on her now.

Goals Rewards
Airspace Permission Document Get 10 Foreign Airspace Permission Documents. We're going in from above. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Battle Blitz Win 30 fights in Battle Blitz. It'll help blow off some steam. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal cannon Deploy 70 Land Units. It takes a lot muscle to bring down a Graves Girl. 1x Elite USS Enterprise Elite USS Enterprise
Z Element 5 1x 5 Element Z Pack
1x Air Strike I Air Strike I

Let's hope Tina has something potent in that drink of hers. It'll keep her off guard.

Goal Line

Childs Play
Brave Grave
Steele's the bomb!

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