Member of the Global Alliance Tribunal

We're going to launch aggressive attacks on both parties' headquarters. We'll take the necessary people in to be tried as criminals of war. This country can finally live in peace again.

Goals Rewards
Member of the Global Alliance Tribunal Gather 15 members of the Global Alliance Tribunal to try the convicted individuals. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal notice Use 75 Power-Ups for greater effect Complete All 3 Goals
Carrier-icon Deploy 100 Carriers to prepare to go home. Ore Types 400 Ore
1x TF2000 TF2000
Energy015 1x 15 Energy Pack

Congratulations, Commander. You have rescued a troubled, war-ridden nature from the depths of violence and misery. Now Nastos can rebuild itself and return to its former glory.

Goal Line

Weapons Ban
Surprise from the Skies

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