Glucose IV Bag

Commander, these people are in serious need of medical attention, food and water. Let's get a team out there to deal with that while we figure out how to approach this situation.

Goals Rewards
Glucose IV Bag Ask for 5 Glucose IV Bags for the extremely malnourished. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Battle Blitz Win 10 Fights in Battle Blitz to prepare for future unrest. Complete All 3 Goals
Uranium Mad Ore Collect 150 Ore to manufacture supplies for the refugees. 1x UAV Drone UAV Drone
1x Explosive Ammo I Explosive Ammo I
Z Element 5 1x 5 Element Z Pack

For now, we've got enough food, water, power and medical care, but I'm not sure how much longer we can sustain it, but it's a start and a good one too.

Goal Line

Neighbor Niceties
Rebel Territory

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