Bulletproof Shield

Commander! We've got a lockdown on their location, I say we take them by surprise and do a full-fledged raid.

Goals Rewards
Bulletproof Shield Collect {total} Bulletproof Shields to defend our ground troops during the raid. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Infamy Earn {total} Black Hearts to execute a flawless raid. Complete All 3 Goals
96px Fight Alchemy. 1x Elite Condor Bomber Elite Condor Bomber

Oil-icon 200 Oil

Well, that wasn't Alchemy. I think that was just a traditional scuff over trespassing. It looks like Alchemy has packed up and left and we've got not read on our audio bugs. We've been found out.

Goal Line

Tamper Tantrum
Zero to Serious in No Time

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