Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"


Fake it to make it! Use your disguise to lie to the gullible guards about a false alarm. Now, don't blow your cover, just blow up the Guardhouse.

Goals Rewards
Claymores Collect 4-8 Claymores to blast the Guardhouse. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal infantry blue Build 5/10 soldiers to gain the advantage. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal target airforce Battle the guards, to show your prowess. 1x Explosive Ammo II Explosive Ammo II
Wood-icon 350 Wood
1x Elite Sherman Tank Elite Sherman Tank

There goes the Guardhouse! Your next goal is getting to the Villa. Be careful, the guards inside have opened fire.

Goal Line

Sleep it Off!
Hide 'n' Sneak

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