Experimental military buildings provide access to build Support units. Support units will have unique ability's in battle by experimental power ups for which you will need various amounts of Element Z to use.

Experimental FacilitiesEdit

Experimental Barracks Experimental Shipyard Experimental Hangar
Experimental Barracks Experimental Shipyard Experimental Hangar

Goal LinesEdit

Hospital Ship Series

  • This is the first goal a player will encounter before a player can start the main Experimental goal lines.

Goal Hospital Ship Making Progress

Experimental Barracks Series

Goal Experimental Barracks Laying the Foundation
Goal Experimental Barracks Field Test
Goal Experimental Barracks Refill
Goal Experimental Barracks Gunning for You
Goal Experimental Barracks Roll 'Em Out

Experimental Shipyard Series

Goal Experimental Shipyard A New Dawn
Goal Experimental Shipyard Still Waters
Goal Experimental Shipyard Fill 'Er Up
Goal Experimental Shipyard Back to the Well
Goal Experimental Shipyard Run Deep
Goal Experimental Shipyard Setting the Stage

Experimental Hangar Series

Goal Experimental Hangar An Air to Remember
Goal Experimental Hangar Element Z Gets Airborne
Goal Experimental Hangar Mid-Air Refueling
Goal Experimental Hangar Gettin' Greedy
Goal Experimental Hangar Into the Fray
Goal Experimental Hangar Primary Secondary Objective


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