Elite Grasshopper Infantry
Elite Grasshopper Infantry
—Image © Zynga
LevelExperience-icon Level 25
Unlock ForEmpire Points-icon 20 Empire Points
Tier ClassTier 5 Unit
Good againstArtillery Enemy-iconCarrier Enemy-iconAirship Enemy-icon
Defense Area3x3
Build Time0d 05:00
SourceBarracks II
Upgrade atArmy Research Lab
General Costs
Coins00000000000000008400. Coins-icon 8,400 Coins
Oil Needed00000000000000000420. Oil-icon 420 Oil

Your resource: Aluminum
Aluminum NeededAluminum-icon 42 Aluminum

Your resource: Copper
Copper NeededCopper-icon 42 Copper

Your resource: Gold
Gold NeededGold-icon 42 Gold

Your resource: Iron
Iron NeededIron-icon 42 Iron

Your resource: Uranium
Uranium NeededUranium-icon 42 Uranium

Market Price00000000000000031500. Coins-icon 31,500 Coins
Parts Needed for Upgrades
Upgrade BlueprintsUpgrade Blueprint 3-10 Upgrade Blueprints
Turbo FansTurbo Fan 3-10 Turbo Fans
Side Stick ControlsSide Stick Control 3-10 Side Stick Controls
Grasshopper Face ArmorsGrasshopper Face Armor 3-10 Grasshopper Face Armors
Upgraded Information

Coins-icon 6,300 Coins

Oil-icon 315 Oil
Ore Types 31.5 Ore
1Note, some units can also be obtained via Leaderboards, Battle Blitz, World Domination and Survival Mode.
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Information for Elite Grasshopper Infantry
This unit is the Elite Version of the Grasshopper Infantry. It is likely based on the "Single Trooper Aerial Platform" (STAP) from "Star Wars".



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