Goal Scarlett "Talk To Scarlet"

Goal Jin "Defend Arms Inspectors"

Word of our investigation has gotten out. Prepare for incoming hostiles!

Defend our weapons inspectors from retaliatory enemy attacks.

Goals Rewards
Goal target navy Inflict 1200 Damage to Enemy Naval Units Using Upgraded Aircraft Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Powerupfactory Use Evasion I Power-Up 3 Times in Combat Complete All 3 Goals
Goal target airforce Destroy 25 Enemy Air Units Using Upgraded Naval Units 1x 5 Element Z
1x Poison Gas I Poison Gas I
2x Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit

Go back to old campaign battles to deal damage and destroy units.

Goal Line
Elite Fleet Week 1 of 3
Elite Fleet Week 3 of 3

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