Elemental Escalation


Element Z Bomb
—Image © Zynga
Level ReqExperience-icon Level ?
January 25, 2012 -
February 13, 2012
RepeatableUp to 10x
DescriptionElemental Escalation was the Sixty-Fifth event held by Zynga for Empires & Allies.
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It seems Alchemy wasn't satisfied with their previous operation—their next step is Elemental Escalation!

The enemy has planted a dirty bomb somewhere on your island, and you need to shut it down before it's too late!

This mini-series is different from previous mini-series quests in two ways:

  • Rather than one path rewarding EP and the other path rewarding a unit, we've changed up the rewards—one path rewards a unit (an Elite Hypersonic Bomber) and some EP, and the other path rewards a deco and some EP.
  • You can now complete quests and progress down both paths at once.


Item Requirements
Elite Hypersonic Bomber
Elite Hypersonic Bomber
Complete Goal line (Aftermath)
Defused Element Z Bomb
Defused Element Z Bomb
Complete Goal line (Home Again)
Goal Suitcase
Empire Points-icon 5 Empire Points
Complete Goal line (Aftermath or Home Again)

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The Elemental Escalation event also comes with 11 limited time goals.

- Available from January 25th

to February 13th 2012 -

Goal Elemental Escalation Needle, Meet Haystack
Goal Elemental Escalation Protect Port Sylvan
Goal Elemental Escalation Protect Our Island
Goal Elemental Escalation Boarding Party
Goal Elemental Escalation Underworld Railroad
Goal Elemental Escalation Seaborne Terror
Goal Elemental Escalation Electronic Countermeasures
Goal Elemental Escalation Steady Hands
Goal Elemental Escalation Fallout
Goal Elemental Escalation Home Again
Goal Elemental Escalation Aftermath



Other EventsEdit

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