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Dirk Mollman
Dirk Mollman Main
—Image © Zynga
ProfileAs a kleptomaniac child, Dirk tried to steal a toy from a Doberman. He lost an arm, but gained a career as a thief specializing in tunneling.
IntelAfter his defeat, Digger fled the region in fear. His last words were: "If I go back to The Raven, i'm just digging my own grave."
CautionOne-Armed And Dangerous!
UnlocksThe Penetrator
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Dirk Mollman is the seventh boss. He is fought on the islands of Pacificor. After defeating him, the player unlocks a drill tank called The Penetrator. His last name is an easter egg of "mole man". It also his face pretty looks like a mole.



  • "Geez, after what Raven did to Tina for letting her sister get caught... maybe I shoulda been a dentist like Mother wanted."

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