Direct Relief Defense Tower
Direct Relief Defense Tower
—Image © Zynga
LevelExperience-icon Level 10
Defense Area6x6
SourceCharity Item
General Costs
Facebook CreditsFB Credit 42-107 FB Credits
Whack3 times
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This is a building that can be purchased during Charity Events and staff that will allow you to protect certain parts of you island from invasion—giving you a last ditch defense when the enemy attacks, as well as allowing you to separate out parts of your island so that some areas are open to be attacked, but other areas remain safe.

  • Protected areas may still be invaded upon activation of tower. However, aggressor will be expelled regardless of how powerful their units are.


  • Non active tower:

Non Defence Tower LE

  • To activate the tower 1-4 Energy Drinks are needed. Each energy drink provides 8 hours of immunity for the protected area. As a result, the protection can last either 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, or 32 hours depending on the number of energy drinks used.


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