Forensic Analysts

Our worst fears are confirmed, someone has just reported a fake bill in the city. We need to get our analysts on this ASAP and trace the origin of the bill.

Goals Rewards
Forensic Analysts Hire 15 Forensic Analysts to trace the origin of the fake bill. Complete All 3 Goals
Carrier-icon Place 50 Carriers to set out on command. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Domination Fight Win 50 World Dominance Fights using Land Fleets to extract intel from the DA. 1x Sea King Sea King
1x Field Repairs II Field Repairs II

Coins-icon 3,000 Coins

Alchemy was right here this whole time, right under our noses! Turns out the decoys were just a ruse to allow them to enter our nation while our defenses were low!

Goal Line

Tea with the Terrorists

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