Counterfeit Deceit


Coin Machine
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March 19, 2012 -
April 16, 2012
RepeatableUp to 10x
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Alchemy is at it again! We've received Intel that Alchemy has grown tired of lying low and are planning to destroy our economy with Counterfeit Currency!

Alchemy, an extremely dangerous terrorist organization is in the midst of creating millions of counterfeit currency bills. We have to stop them but they’ve threatened to retaliate if pursued, so we’ve got to tread carefully!

Follow the instructions and complete the quest to win an awesome new Mystery Crate filled with surprise rewards and save your Empire from an economic disaster!

To get started on this new mini-series, load your Empire and click on the Counterfeit Deceit pop up which will take you to the entry point of the quest.

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Items Requirements
SpecOps Leviathan Black
SpecOps Leviathan Black
Complete Goal line (The Encounterfeit)
Elite Bison Halftrack
Either 3, 5, or 10 Elite Bison Halftrack
Complete Goal line (Busted!)

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The Counterfeit Deceit event also comes with 11 limited time goals.

- Available from March 19

to April 16, 2012 -

Board Game Money Bill The Inside Guy
Camouflaged Parachute Island Destination
Microphone Bug Tamper Tantrum
Lie Detector Tea with the Terrorists
Stretcher Booby Trap
Bulletproof Shield Gotcha! Where'd Everybody Go?
Modern Torture Devices Modern Torture
Forensic Analysts Currency Leak
Obscure Military Tech Zero to Serious in No Time
Knock Out Gas Grenade Busted!
Police Van The Encounterfeit


Other EventsEdit

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