—Image © Zynga
InfoExperience-icon Level 25 Mercenary
Hire ForEmpire Points-icon 11 Empire Points
Available AfterBattle 8 of Pacificor I
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When hiring Cougar and using her in battle, you have a chance of receiving the following power-ups:

  • Field Repairs I
  • Explosive Ammo I
  • Air Strike I
  • Missile Attack I
  • Hunker Down I
  • Target Jammer I
  • Accuracy I
  • Evasion I
  • EMP I
  • Poison Gas I
  • Field Repairs II
  • Explosive Ammo II
  • Air Strike II
  • Missile Attack II
  • Hunker Down II
  • Target Jammer II
  • Accuracy II

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