Control Tower 2
Control Tower 2
—Image © Zynga
Staff (Optional)Mini friends 1-3 Staff
Bonus Area6x6
Bonus PayoutMilitary 2% Discount
Crewed BonusMilitary 4% Discount
General Costs
Coins0000000000000015,000. Coins-icon 15,000 Coins
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Information for Control Tower 2
Staff are not required for the regular bonus payout this building provides, staff instead provide an increased amount of bonus payout when activated.

Alternatively to staffing a player is given the option to purchase permanent staff for Empire Points-icon 25 Empire Points which will permanently staff all buildings which you purchased for.

  • See overview below on how staffing works

Staffing OverviewEdit

*Start with 18 hours. (Need 1 Neighbor)

*Hire up to 2 more Neighbors or use Steele for Empire Points-icon 1 Empire Points each.

*Each Friend adds 18 hours.

*Total 54 hours activation

*if a neighbors "shift" is complete they can be invited to work there again it is possible to keep your building going for over 2 weeks if they always join .

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