Goal Scarlett"Message From Scarlett"

Goal Civil War Reenactment

Seems we're short a couple of Generals. No worry I'll have Mac play G.T. Macregard and Seabolt play Winfield Scottbolt. I'm sure they'll be excited.

Goals Rewards
Goal Infamy Invade 10 Neighbors with Army units. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Bag Of Coins Collect 6000 Coins from Neighbors. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Chili Peppers Harvest 24 Chili Pepper Crops. 1x Target Jammer III Target Jammer III

Coins-icon 9,600 Coins
Z Element 2 1x 2 Element Z Pack

Historical re-enactments are only fun if no one gets hurt, so don't put Chili Peppers in your eyes.

Goal Line

Civil War Reenactment 1 of 3
Civil War Reenactment 3 of 3

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