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Scarlett oth Sarah oth Mac oth Cross oth Dr,Seabolt oth
Scarlett Sarah Mac Cross Dr.Seabolt


Steele mini Steele Ace Ace Flygirl Flygirl Cougar Cougar
D-Day D-Day Echo Echo Foxtrot Foxtrot Salty Salty
Slick Slick Stonewall Stonewall The Admiral The Admiral Wingo Wingo
Riptide Riptide Bulldog Bulldog Big Brother Big Brother Jetpack Jetpack


Known as The Dark Alliance lead by The Raven

Small Captain Krunsch Captain Krunsch Small Kai tana Kai Tana Small Jada Bombs Jada Bombs
Small Baron Crashalot Baron Crashalot Small The Graves Girls The Graves Girls Small Professor Von Helman Professor Von Helman
Small Dirk Mollman Dirk Mollman Small Malady Burns Malady Burns Small Beau LeChomp Beau LeChomp
Small The Eel The Eel Small Sgt. Dan O'Might Sgt. Dan O'Might Small Kung Fucius Kung Fucius
Small The Duchess The Duchess Small Viper Viper Small The Raven Raven
Small Lt. B.F. Dealio Lt. B.F. Dealio Small Betty LeChomp Bella-Jeane LeChomp Small Ezekiel J. Grunt Ezekiel J. Grunt
Small A'amakualenalena A'amakualenalena Small Cpl. Moll DeKae Cpl. Moll DeKae Small Baron Jeudi Baron Jeudi
Small Carmen Blaise Carmen Blaise

Villains II ( Space Campaign )Edit

Lt.Vaarn Mini1 Lt.Vaarn Lt.Hazol Mini Lt.Hazol

Other Featured CharactersEdit

Characters which come to your empire to aid or invade a player.

Small General Stonefist Small The Titan Small Captain Miguel Malismo Small G Owari
General Stonefist The Titan Captain Miguel Malismo Dr. G. Owari

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