Satellite Images of the Eel's Lair

We don't have much time, this signal is weak. If you can send us your location, we'll get you out.

Goals Rewards
Satellite Images of the Eel's Lair Collect 15 Satellite Images of the Eel's Lair. Complete All 3 Goals
Ore Types Purchase 200 Ore from a Neighbor's Market. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal destroy tank Battle the Prison Guards. 1x I-400 Sub Carrier I-400 Sub Carrier
Energy015 1x 15 Energy Pack
1x Hunker Down III Hunker Down III

It's good to have you back, Commander, but we have a problem. The Eel has invaded again!

Goal Line

Teary Goodbyes
8 Bombs in a Duffel Bag
Steeley Defense

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