Captain Krunsch
Captain Krunsch Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleNaval Commando
ProfileAn old school seaman who relishes taking out his enemies the old-fashioned way: with his bare, arthritic hands.
IntelCaptain Krunsch had a note from The Raven under his hat. It read: "Steal their [ore]. It's essential to my plan." - Where [ore] is the type of ore your empire can mine.
CautionFortified with Vitamin D and Fish Oil
BattleCape Pleasant
UnlocksThe Butcher
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Captain Krunsch is the first boss the player encounters. He is fought on Cape Pleasant during 3 stages. After defeating him, the player will unlock a battleship called The Butcher(which was his personal ship). His name is an anagram of the well-known cereal mascot "Captain Crunch" of the cereal brand. After his defeat, he said "So you freed the citizens of Cape Pleasant from me and my army, but I must set out to find new places to take over! Farewell!"

Although he said he doesn't wants to be a villain anymore, he lands with a small boat on the beaches of CityVille by Zynga. His first words are: "I could run this town in my sleep! And I plan on sleeping in the governor's mansion tonight!" .It is showed that after he kicks out Governor Phil [1] and takes his place, he becomes famous and rich. -Read More


Krunsch's GoalsEdit

Captain Krunsch hands out a limited time mission taking to the Allies side.

- Available from July 27th

to August 3rd 2011 -

Goal Captain Krunsch Doing a Solid
Goal Captain Krunsch Just Desserts
Goal Captain Krunsch Sea Worthy
Goal Captain Krunsch Prepare to Repair

Krunsch's Sunken TreasureEdit

Captain Krunsch hands out another limited time mission taking to the Allies side.

- Available from November 11th to November 27th 2011
Barnacle Scraper A Modest Proposal
Goal red onion Seaworthy
Goal Spectre Gun Ship Early Exit
Goal Honor Clear the Decks
Goal Panther Tank 2 Empire Points All Hands
Crewman The Long Haul
Goal Elite Hellcat 5 Empire Points The Briny Deep


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