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Cadet Soldiers
Cadet Soldiers
—Image © Zynga
Tier ClassTier 1 Unit
Good againstArtillery Enemy-iconCarrier Enemy-iconAirship Enemy-icon
Defense Area3x3
Build Time0d 00:03
Upgrade atArmy Research Lab
General Costs
Coins00000000000000000100. Coins-icon 100 Coins
Market Price00000000000000000125. Coins-icon 125 Coins
Sell for00000000000000000005. Coins-icon 5 Coins
Parts Needed for Upgrades
Upgrade BlueprintsUpgrade Blueprint 1-4 Upgrade Blueprints
Approval StampsApproval Stamp 1-4 Approval Stamps
Body ArmoresBody Armor 1-4 Body Armores
Upgraded Information
Costs00000000000000000075. Coins-icon 75 Coins
Build Time0d 00:02:15
1Note, some units can also be obtained via Leaderboards, Battle Blitz, World Domination and Survival Mode.
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Information for Cadet Soldiers
The cadet soldiers are based on old-fashioned soldiers and are equipped with weapons based on the Sten Gun. They are also the cheapest and most basic unit in the game.

300px-Pistolet maszynowy STEN, Muzeum Orła Białego

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