Back-Up Prison Security

Gina Grave has just blown up the entire East Wing of our prison facility! All the cells are unlocked and the alarms are deafening. In the madness they've left Steele behind but I'm sure they'll be back for him.

Goals Rewards
Back-Up Prison Security Get 14 Back-Up Prison Security to deal with any unplanned chaos. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal zynga01 Pillage 250 times. Hanging out with the Graves girls has made us a little mean. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Chili Peppers Harvest 150 Chili Peppers to add a little heat to this mission. 1x Advanced Tiger Tank Advanced Tiger Tank
1x Hunker Down II Hunker Down II

Coins-icon 4,500 Coins

Sisters forever, should have known.

Goal Line

In Plain Sight
Tattletale Steele

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