Bounty Center
Bounty Center
—Image © Zynga
ActivationEnergy-icon 10 Energy
GoalBounty Center (Goal)
Parts Needed to Build
Holding PensHolding Pen 6-14 Holding Pens
Wanted PostersWanted Poster 6-14 Wanted Posters
Restraining NoosesRestraining Noose 6-14 Restraining Nooses
tranquilizer Sniper RiflesTranquilizer Sniper Rifle 6-14 tranquilizer Sniper Rifles
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Information for Bounty Center
Once a player activates the Bounty Center (at a cost between Energy-icon 6 Energy and Energy-icon 10 Energy depending on your level) a player will be able to earn liberty bonds from hits during combat and aswell as hits a player can earn 1x liberty bond per battle blitz battle, world domination battle and one per neighbour invasion won for a period of one hour.You would NOT get any liberty bond on neighbour invasion if the person is 11 levels lower than you.


MOTD BountyCenter

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