There's a big pile of what could be counterfeited coins lying in the center of the warehouse... I think they're trying to send us a message.

Goals Rewards
Stretcher Collect {total} Stretchers to take our injured home. Complete All 3 Goals
96px Speed Up {total} Neighbors' Barracks to get aid from them. Complete All 3 Goals
96px Deal Damage to {total} Air Units to protect your ground level camp site. 1x Alpini Infantry Alpini Infantry
Gold-icon 50 Gold
1x Target Jammer II Target Jammer II

Commander! Are you alright? I knew we shouldn't have gone anywhere near that pile of gold but I didn't expect it to explode so furiously. Any closer and you would not have survived that.

Goal Line

Tamper Tantrum
Zero to Serious in No Time

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