Event DetailsEdit

December 7, 2011 - December 23, 2011
Black Ops 2- Operation Deliverance

Level Req:Experience-icon Level 30


Welcome back. Glad you could make it.

The Black Ops team needs your help again—for Operation: Deliverance!

This is General Stonefist. He'll give you your mission briefing:

The wealthy backers who support the Black Ops program have been kidnapped, and we need you to get them back. If you can manage it, we have some more Black Ops military units for you!

Remember—like all Black Ops missions, this is no picnic. It's going to take everything you have to bring these guys back. This mission isn't for amateurs.


  • Note: Upon completion you will unlock this unit to be built in your Shipyard III upon which you must be Experience-icon Level 49 to build.
Item Requirements
Black Ops Zumwalt
Black Ops Zumwalt
Complete all goals.

Limited Time GoalsEdit

The Black Ops 2: Operation Deliverance event also comes with 6 limited time goals.

- Available from December 7th
to December 23rd 2011 -

Goal General Stonefist Seek and Ye Shall Find
Goal General Stonefist X Marks the Spot
Goal General Stonefist Loco Locals
Goal General Stonefist Born to Run
Goal General Stonefist No Hostages?
Goal General Stonefist The Weakest Link

Other EventsEdit


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