Black Forest Jubilee


August 4, 2011 -
August 22, 2011
Re-RunNovember 2, 2011 -
November 15, 2011
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Achtung! It's not all about lederhosen and luxury cars... don't forget the Tiger Tank and Bismarck Battleship!"

This time we've got a number of awesome new units for you to play with, in addition to new quests and decorations! We have the Bismarck, a 275 Strength Battleship, and two Tiger Tanks—at 100 Strength and 200 Strength! All of them are exceptionally powerful units for the level they become available.

We've also introduced a new way to boost your army's power—you can now unlock the ability to build these powerful new units permanently!


  • Note: to be able to build these units you either can purchase each unit for a set Empire Point price or you can Unlock the unit for a set Empire Point price to be able to build it at the relevant Military Building.
    • You will have 22 days to unlock a unit, once unlocked you will be able to build it permanently even after the event! also note that unlock prices can be varied dependent on a player level we list the Starting and End prices. please see in game what your costs actually are.

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Name Class
Great Against
Costs Level Req Source1 Unlock For
Tank Enemy-icon

Gunboat Enemy-icon
Fighter Enemy-icon

275 0000000000000020,000.

Coins-icon 20,000 Coins
00000000000000000500. Oil-icon 500 Oil
Aluminum-icon 25 Aluminum

Experience-icon Level 25 Shipyard II Empire Points-icon 75-720 Empire Points
Red Tiger Tank
Red Tiger Tank
Soldiers Enemy-icon

Gunboat Enemy-icon
Fighter Enemy-icon

200 0000000000000010,000.

Coins-icon 10,000 Coins
00000000000000000100. Oil-icon 100 Oil
Aluminum-icon 15 Aluminum

Experience-icon Level 15 Barracks II Empire Points-icon 60-360 Empire Points
Tiger Tank
Tiger Tank
Soldiers Enemy-icon

Gunboat Enemy-icon
Fighter Enemy-icon

100 00000000000000001410.

Coins-icon 1,410 Coins
00000000000000000075. Oil-icon 75 Oil
Aluminum-icon 8 Aluminum

Experience-icon Level 10 Barracks Empire Points-icon 20 Empire Points


Item Costs
Hermann Statue
Hermann Statue
Empire Points-icon 15 Empire Points

Coins-icon 1,000 Coins

German Flag
German Flag
Empire Points-icon 8 Empire Points
Army Obstacle Course
Army Obstacle Course
Empire Points-icon 18 Empire Points


Item Costs
Alpine Haus
Alpine Haus

Coins-icon 2,000 Coins
Wood-icon 200 Wood
Ore Types 20 Ore

Limited Time GoalsEdit

Black Forest Jubilee also includes 3 Limited Time Goals.

Series 1:

- Available from August 4, 2011
to August 25, 2011

Goal Sarah Sausagefest
Goal Sarah Bitter Harvest
Goal Sarah Centerpiece

Series 2:

- Available from August 11th

to August 25th 2011 -

Goals Neighbor Feeling The Love
Goal Farm Victory Garden
Iron Massive Ore Door To Door
Goal The Hammerhead Get Hammerheaded


Other EventsEdit

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