Bella-Jeane LeChomp
Betty LeChomp Main
—Image © Zynga
Height5' 3"
RoleRabble Rouser
ProfileThe surly sister of Dark Alliance thug Beau LeChomp, Bella-Jeane's bi-polar nature was too much for her brother's organization and led her to find her own path.
IntelLeChomp ranted on and on about a crazed Tiki-shaman. Is she off her medication?
CautionShe looks sweet, but she's lethal. Watch out for her killer pet possum, Remy.
BattleMoutere Island
UnlocksThe Salamander
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Bella-Jeane "Betty" LeChomp is the 2nd boss that players encounters in the Molten Terror Campaign. She is fought on Moutere Island during 4 stages. After defeating her, the player will unlock a Navy Unit called The Salamander. She has a brother, Beau LeChomp (which can be fought in Wrath of the Raven campaign), and just like him she owns a "pet".

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