Beau LeChomp
Beau LeChomp Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleSpecial Forces
ProfileThis Bayou-born brawler loves his alligator like a son. but he absolutely refuses to do a paternity test.
IntelLeChomp had only two items of value left behind in his swamp shack: his momma's Gumbo recipe and an oath to keep Scarlett from accessing the Metals of Tranquility Cove.
WarningKeeps hands and feet outside the gator at all times.
BattleTranquility Cove
UnlocksThe Guillotine
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Beau LeChomp is the ninth boss. He is fought on the isles of Tranquility Cove. When he is defeated, the player unlocks a hovercraft called The Guillotine.

He also has a sister named Betty LeChomp, which can be fought in the Molten Terror campaign.

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