Goal Dr. G. Owari "Talk to Engineer"

Goal Barracks IV "Barracks IV allow you to make the best units"

Once we build a Level 4 Barracks (and by we, I mean you), then we can produce some high-tech firepower!

Goals Rewards
Goal Barracks IV Build 3 Barracks IV Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Kodiak EXO Infantry Inflict 20,000 damage with Kodiak EXO Infantry Units Complete All 3 Goals
Polariscope Collect 8 Polariscopes 1x Accuracy III Accuracy III
1x Kodiak EXO Infantry Kodiak EXO Infantry
Energy010 1x 10 Energy Pack

You get credit for inflicting damage in any game mode.


  • Barracks IV: A new Hope is played on Star Wars IV: A new Hope.

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