Baron Crashalot
Baron Crashalot Main
—Image © Zynga
RoleFighter Pilot
ProfileAs a child Crashalot tried to fly from his rooftop and knocked a few screws loose. But that only partially explains his psychotic behavior.
IntelIn Crashalot's plane was an instruction manual for the sun storm: a machine that creates a wave of energy capable of destroying entire islands.
CautionHis Overhead Bins May Have Shifted During Flight
UnlocksThe Bandit
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Baron Crashalot is the fourth boss the player encounters. He is fought on Teramar during 4 stages. After defeating him, the player will unlock a red fighter aircraft called The Bandit. He is likely based on Red Baron, because of their similarities and the Fokker that Richtofen really used - or rather, was actively trying to model himself after the Red Baron.

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