Goal Dr.Seabolt "Talk to Dr. Seabolt"

Fire Extinguishers

Here they come! Those pesky guards just won't let up. Fan the flames of battle, but stay alert if a fire breaks out; what with all those sparks flying!

Goals Rewards
Fire Extinguishers Collect 5-10 Fire Extinguishers to douse any fires that start. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal notice Build 3/4/5 Power Ups to aid you in battle. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Infamy Earn 150/250/300 Black Hearts. 1x Jackrabbit Artillery Jackrabbit Artillery
1x Poison Gas II Poison Gas II

Oil-icon 900 Oil

It's almost a miracle that you got this far. Congratulations on being so resilient. It's now time to take down Habu.

Goal Line

Window of Opportunity
In Habu's Den

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