Goal Dr. G. Owari


What do you mean I am not a part of this investigation? My lab was destroyed and I'm going to find out why if it's the last thing I do. I can give you a device that will help, but only if you include me.

Goals Rewards
Kevlar Lab Coat Collect 8 Kevlar Lab Coats to stay safe while building the tracking device. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal zynga01 Pillage 50 times to gather essential supplies. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal the Titan Fight the Titan to keep Owari safe while she works. Iron-icon 30 Iron
1x Elite Wasp Elite Wasp

That was a piece of cake - I have the device. Let's take it out for a ride, shall we?

Goal Line

Reconstructive Surgery
Malfunction Junction

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