Empre! Removed Feature and/or Item from general gameplay

This article features an in game feature and/or an item that has been removed from general gameplay and its current state is permantly removed/unknown.


Ammo is a resource in empires & allies which came into effect on December 6th 2011. It takes over the Energy's role in the Combat area of the game. Ammo regenerates at a rate of one every 5 minutes. Ammo is also consumed when a player uses a Power-Up during combat.

NOTE: As of 30th december, zynga are converting all players back to energy only and are refunding EP for players with unused ammo packs this is above the game screen when loading.

Unit SizesEdit

Item Quantity Obtain
Ammo 01 1x Ammo Critical hit/kill -
Requesting from neighbors when out of ammo.
Ammo 05 5x Ammo Empire Points-icon 5 Empire Points
Ammo 10 10x Ammo Empire Points-icon 10 Empire Points
Ammo 15 15x Ammo Empire Points-icon 15 Empire Points
Ammo 25 25x Ammo Empire Points-icon 25 Empire Points


Other ResourcesEdit

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