Amity Naval Station
Amity Naval Station
—Image © Zynga
Bonus PayoutRepel Invasions in the surrounding Area
Capacity of Upgrading Naval Depot
General Costs
Coins00000000000000050000. Coins-icon 50,000 Coins
Parts Needed to Build
Surface To Air MissilessSurface To Air Missiles 6-14 Surface To Air Missiless
Waterproof CementsWaterproof Cement 6-14 Waterproof Cements
Radar OperatorssRadar Operators 6-14 Radar Operatorss
Patrol BoatssPatrol Boats 6-14 Patrol Boatss
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Information for Amity Naval Station
Amity Naval Station is a Decoration that repels Invasions in the surrounding Area. Altough it can be built once, it can either be obtained from Inventory or bought for 00000000000000050000.

Coins-icon 50,000 Coins. It is the Navy equivalent of the Cyber Warfare Facility.

Build the Amity Naval Station for a free capacity upgrade in your Naval Depot and defense against attacks in the surrounding area.

Goal LineEdit



MOTD BuildableAmityNavalStation

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