Amity Lighthouse
Amity Lighthouse
—Image © Zynga
LevelExperience-icon Level 25
Bonus PayoutGives Bonuses every time it is staffed
Parts Needed to Build
Laser Lights25px 6-14 Laser Lights
Parabolic Reflectors25px 6-14 Parabolic Reflectors
Safety Railss25px 6-14 Safety Railss
Cement Blockss25px 6-14 Cement Blockss
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Information for Amity Lighthouse
Amity Lighthouse is a Decoration which gives bonuses/rewards everytime it is staffed.It is can be bought with 50,000 Coins or in the Inventory, it can be purchase multiple times

The Amity Lighthouse will give you rewards every time its light flashes! Place it in the waters of your Empire.


  • It is probably produced by OS ZYNGA CORP, due to the signs that can be seen in it. Same signs are on the Element Z Collider.


Image Lightbuild

Image Lightbuild2

Goal LineEdit




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