Portable Recorder The Chief now wants protection in exchange for information. He's going to spill the beans and reveal everything, names, plots, places and spies. This will stop the war clouds that have already begun to rain fire on your empire.

Goals Rewards
Portable Recorder Collect 20 Portable Recorders to get his confession on tape. Complete All 3 Goals
Mastery Token Earn 5 Mastery Tokens to build up your rep. Complete All 3 Goals
Goal Hypersonic Bomber Place 50 Bombers to protect the chief. 1x Accuracy III Accuracy III
Z Element 15 1x 15 Element Z Pack
1x Elite Vulture Copter Elite Vulture Copter

The Chief means well but we'll have to discuss the terms of this agreement in greater detail later on.

Goal Line

Truce Time

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