Accuracy II
Accuracy II
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LevelExperience-icon Level 25
CostsEmpire Points-icon 11 Empire Points
DescriptionIncreases your unit's chance to hit the enemy.
EffectsIncreases your chance to land a direct or critical hit.
DurationLasts 7 rounds
Produced atPower-Up Factory
Parts Needed
Power SuppliesPower Supply 4-6 Power Supplies
Hand-held Gas DetectorsHand-held Gas Detector 1-3 Hand-held Gas Detectors
Laser SightsLaser Sight 1-3 Laser Sights
C4 DetonatorsC4 Detonator 4-6 C4 Detonators
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The Accuracy Power-Up upgrades every unit shot to a critical hit. This will also upgrade finishing hits to critical kills. When used, the Accuracy II Power-Up affects all your units.

This Power-Up also provides 100% accuracy to any unit it is used on. Units that normally have "poor" chance to hit, will hit the enemy every time as long as Accuracy II is active for them off.

See Also:Edit

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